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Morkie Rescue

What is a Morkie?

What is a Morkie rescue and how can you go about adopting one if you wanted to? Well first you should look closely at the designer breed of Morkie, understand them and decide if this is the right dog for you and your family.

A Morkie is a crossbreed created by breeding a purebred Maltese with a purebred Yorkie. Other common names for this designer cross are the Maltie and the Yorktese, although they are most commonly called Morkies these days.

A Morkie rescue dog can be a Morkie that needs a forever home whatever the reason – he was surrendered by the owner, she was abandoned, and he was confiscated from a closed puppy mill or an abusive home. As Morkies become more and more popular – and their popularity is on the rise – they are also more likely to face some abuse, making rescue organizations needed.

Some people surrender their Morkie because they can be stubborn, hard to housebreak, have digestive issues and are finicky eaters, and they can bark a lot as both the Maltese and the Yorkie bark a lot. In these cases it is hoped that they surrender the dog to a rescue so that someone else can adopt a Morkie.

morkie puppies adoptionMorkie Appearance and Temperament

Morkies are small in size and come in various colors. With a reputation for having an excellent temperament, it is easy to see why one would want to adopt a Morkie. Morkies, like all other dogs, inherit their looks, temperament, health, and personality from their parents. So if you want to adopt a Morkie it is good to know as much as possible about the breeds Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier.

Like both of their parents the Morkie is small in size and stature. They are anywhere from 6” tall to 12” tall. They are compact little dogs with muzzle at about the average length. They should weigh between 4 and 12 pounds.

Morkies are affectionate and have a very even temperament. They are loyal and a little bit stubborn at times, getting that trait from the Yorkie. They love children but they are small and delicate and a home with small children is not always the best choice to adopt a Morkie. They also have long coats that need attention. Their coats do not shed however, so they are great dogs for those who are allergic to dogs.

The best environment for Morkies is with a family that loves him. It can handle any type of physical environment whether a house or a condo. They don’t need a yard if they are walked and played with. They love to take long walks. The dog should not be left alone but should be with its family most of the time. A Morkie, like other dogs, will not be healthy or happy if they are alone a lot. They might not need a yard but they need something to do and a person to do it with or you will find that they have too much energy and turn to destroying things or acting out in other ways.

Pros and Cons of Morkies

Pros of Adopting a MorkieCons of Adopting a Morkie
Perfect for small apartmentsDestructive when not exercised enough
Very intelligentCan be stubborn
Adorable because of their small sizeFragile, requiring careful handling
Do not require much food due to sizeCommonly suffer from dental issues
PlayfulCan be very vocal

Adopting Your Morkie        

Why would you want to pay $600 to $2500 to buy a designer breed when there are plenty of opportunities for a Morkie adoption and there are plenty available in Morkie rescues across the country.  If you are going to buy a Morkie and pay all that money you should make sure you get a veterinarian statement about shots, deworming and removal of dew claws, as well as a guarantee that genetic testing was done for known defects of the parent breeds and the results you have are accurate.

However if you are looking to adopt a Morkie, there are other questions you should ask.

  • Do you know where your Morkie came from and who its parents are?
  • Do you know why the dog was surrendered?
  • Did the dog come from a shut-down puppy mill?
  • Does the rescue organization insist on your bringing the dog back to them if it doesn’t work out?
  • What exactly does the adoption fee go to?

morkie for adoptionAdopting a Morkie

You know what to look for in a rescue organization, but are you ready to give a good home to a Morkie for adoption? We have talked about the physical characteristics and personality traits of Morkies. We mentioned some aspects of the type of home that is best for them. What else do you need in order to adopt your puppy?

A good rescue or shelter won’t release a dog to the first person who asks to adopt it. There are screens and interviews to ensure they get the right fit between the dog and the family. Most rescues also need time to adjust to a new home and get over what might have happened to them in the past.

If you are approved for a Morkie adoption, be sure you know and agree that these dogs need attention and time; so much so that you should be able to take her with you when you do your errands, go to see friends or family, even take her to work. They love new people and remember them easily. They also like other dogs on a limited basis. They need play dates with other dogs much in the same way that young children benefit from play dates with other children.

morkie puppies for adoptionWhere Can I Find Morkie Puppies for Adoption?

As previously mentioned, Morkie puppies for adoption can be found at shelters and rescue groups. These puppies often come from people who surrendered them because they did not understand the breed. They did not have time for them or could not handle their energy.

Since you have decided that you can handle them, now you just need to find them. You want to deal with local shelters or legitimate Morkie rescues. The first place to start just might be MorkieRescue.com This site will not only tell you everything you need to know about the breed, but will also tell you where to look for your Morkie. Another excellent online site for finding Morkie puppies for adoption is Dogster.com. Some very specific Morkie adoption sites include the previously linked AboutMorkies.com and Petfinder.com.

We wish you and your new Morkie rescue the best in your life together!


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