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Cockapoo Dog Breed Information

General Information:

Height: 10-15 inches from shoulder
Weight: 10-25 lbs.
Life Span: 12-15 years
Coloring: All Cocker/Poodle colors; black, beige, red, brown, white, roan, sable, etc.
Area of Origin: United States
Similar Breeds: Cocker Spaniel, Toy Poodle, Yorkie Poo, Poo Ton, Cock A Tzu, Lhasa Poo, Chin Ocker

History and Origin:

The Cockapoo is a hybrid breed, which means that it was created by crossing two purebred dogs of different breeds; a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. It has been one of the most popular hybrids since the 60’s. Thanks to this popularity, The Cockapoo Club of America and The North American Cockapoo Registry was formed in 1999, with the goal in mind to develop a standard for the breed. The American Cockapoo Club was then established in 2004, also with the hopes of developing a well-established breed and achieving AKC recognition.

Personality and Temperament:

Cockapoos are outgoing, intelligent, playful, and affectionate dogs. They make exceptional companions and get along with just about anyone. Thanks to the characteristics from both the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel, these dogs enjoy quiet time just as much as playtime, as long as they are by their owner’s side. They also do well with children of all ages, although owners should be careful not to leave them alone with toddlers, as they may accidentally injure the dog. Living with other pets is also not usually a problem.

Exercise & Training:

Cockapoos are moderately active and need a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise per day. This can be provided in the form of walking, playing fetch, Frisbee, or sports such as; agility, flyball, obedience, and rally. Exercise is especially important in this breed, as these dogs are susceptible to obesity, which can lead to serious health issues. On the bright side, these dogs are versatile and are even suited for living in small homes or apartments, as long as they get their daily recommended exercise. Thanks to their intelligence and eagerness to please, Cockapoos can be successfully trained using a variety of techniques. However, despite of what method is chosen, it is always important to give rewards to encourage desired behavior. This will make training more enjoyable as well as more effective. Owners must also keep in mind that these dogs can be very sensitive, and shouldn’t be trained using negative reinforcement or harsh corrections. Doing so usually only leads to behavioral problems such as fear and anxiety, which will only make things worse.


Cockapoos don’t shed much, but they are still considered high-maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming. This is especially true for those that are born with the curly Poodle-like coat, which needs to be professionally trimmed every month and a half or so. Areas such as the rear end and abdomen should also be clipped regularly in order to keep the coat clean and tidy. Besides clipping the hair, owners must also brush the coat daily so that mats don’t form. Additional grooming tasks that need to be done on a regular basis include; bathing, cleaning and checking the ears, clipping the nails, and brushing the teeth.

Similar Breeds:

Hybrid dogs similar to the Cockapoo include; Affenpoo, Poo Ton, Chin Ocker, Lhasa Poo, Malt A Poo, Lha Cocker, Pinny Poo, Schnoodle, Cocka Pin, Papi Poo, Scoodle, Shih Poo, Poolky, Schnocker, Wee Poo, Cock A Tzu, and Yorkie Poo.

Interesting Facts about the Cockapoo:

1. Cockapoos are considered hypoallergenic dogs, as they do not shed much and contain little dander in their coat.

2. The Cockapoo Club of America includes three categories for the breed; American Cockapoo, English Cockapoo, and temporary Cockapoo.

3. Some famous Cockapoo owners include; Ashley Judd, Billie Joe Armstrong, Lady Gaga, Sami Granola, Wes Gordon, Jensen Ackles, Lena Dunham, Minka Kelly, Hoda Kotb, Julie Ann Rhodes, Maria Shriver, Christina Hendricks, and Mary Anne Rajkot.

Organizations dedicated to the Cockapoo:

Cockapoo Club of America

American Cockapoo Club


Breeds Similar to Cockapoo Dogs:

Breed Information Cockapoo

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  • reta
    May 20, 2015, 9:12 am

    do you live in Adelaide
    can we see the pups before buying
    how much do the puppies cost

    • November 25, 2016, 4:34 pm

      I’m trying to let my daughter know you can’t just think a dog is cute, you have to do your research. I grew up with a cockatoo “Curly” and now we have a champion bloodline papillon “lido. I said let’s compromise and get a mix, so we found you guys. All your dogs are so cute and seem very healthy. I’m wondering where you are located. I would like to see the dogs, especially the golden doodle or cockapoo. Please please text back so I can have a few answers and figure out where you are located!! Thanks so much we’re very excited to possibly bring one of your pups into our family!!
      Krista Browning 406-250-0810

  • Terri clayman
    June 5, 2016, 12:54 pm

    I am interested in getting a puppy. Please Lmk if you have any available.

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