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Caucasian Shepherd Puppies For Sale In All States

Welcome to the “Caucasian Shepherd Puppies for Sale in the USA” page of Local Puppy Breeders! Here you will find a complete list of all the breeders we have located in the entire country!  Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect breeder (or any breeder) locally if you are searching for a less popular breed.  In order to make your search as easy and simple as possible we have combined all the breeders for each breed onto a single page.  Use the links and contact information listed below to help you find your perfect puppy!

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Originating in northeastern Europe, the Caucasian Shepherd is a working dog used to protect livestock. A rather large breed, the Caucasian will not function well in an apartment or other small living space. These dogs need a large, safe space to run free, and should be taken on daily walks to meet their exercise requirements. The long haired variety of this dog requires a good deal of grooming, but its thick coat will keep it warm in the winter if it must live outdoors. The Caucasian Shepherd is an assertive, stubborn, and potentially aggressive breed, so it must be trained and socialized well if it is to adapt well to life with humans. The Caucasian Shepherd is also often known as the Caucasian Ovtcharka, the Georgian Nagazi, the Caucasian Mountain Dog, the Circassian Sheep Dog, or the Armenian Khobun.

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Caucasian Shepherd Puppy Breeders in All States

Breeder NameCityStatePhone
Tacoma WA 2532103514
TAKE A PUPPY HOME! all cities MO 6608337565
TAKE A PUPPY HOME a ID 705-417-5634
Mohnatyj Strazh Voronezh (7-906) 581-1308
Meridian Bedlingtons Alexandria LA (337) 461-5292
Half Mountain Farm Salyersville KY (606) 205-0446
Courageous Caucasians Baker MT (406) 485-2020
Est-Alfa Caucasian Ovcharka Kennel Pahrump NV (702) 513-9583
Esquire Caucasian Ovcharka Mountain Dogs Cleveland OH (440) 286-2374
Rockhill Caucasians Tulsa OK
Galdon Kennel Radomir BG (359-8787) 32-868
ThunderHawk Caucasians Robin, ON CN (705) 868-2823

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If you have never owned a Caucasian Shepherd before, or are looking for more information on the breed, check out our Caucasian Shepherd Dog Breed Information page.

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All States Caucasian Shepherd

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  • cari
    November 16, 2015, 8:11 pm

    I have wanted a Caucasian shepherd all my life but i live and illinois and dont even know where to begin to look for a puppy or how much. Any suggestions?

    • alex
      December 16, 2016, 3:50 am

      heres my number 660619-7084 I’m close to you and I currently have puppys

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