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Best Dog Food For Shelties

Sheltie Dog Food Reviews and Ratings

Shelties, or Shetland Sheepdogs, are a small breed of dog originally bred for herding in the Shetland Islands. Shelties are high energy, active dogs who require a nutrient dense, high-protein diet. Most Shelties are fed between ¾ and 2 cups of dry food per day, however this can vary depending on the needs of your dog.

Breeders recommend Sheltie owners feed their pooches three meals a day for the first three months to support their growing bodies. This should then be changed to two meals a day and revisited after the Sheltie pup turns six months. Some Shelties may change to one meal per day, whereas others will stay at two. This all depends entirely on the different needs of your pooch and should be revisited regularly to ensure your Sheltie is getting the right amount of food they need.

Sheltie Dog Food Reviews

Top Rated BrandsReviews

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Nutro Natural Choice

Nutro Natural Choice is a premium, natural, grain-free dog food. Rated as an above-average dry dog food product by DogFoodAdvisor, Nutro Natural Choice is a protein rich dog food that contains a modest amount of meat. Nutro Natural Choice is filled with vitamins and minerals that help support your Sheltie’s health and well-being. Nutro Natural Choice comes in a wide variety of flavors to suit the taste buds of your dog and also provide a puppy and senior range.

  • Contains oatmeal which is a soluble fiber used to ease digestion.

  • Antioxidants support your Sheltie’s immune system and vitality.

  • There are no probiotics included within this product. Sheltie owners would have to provide additional dietary supplements for this.

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Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food

Wellness Complete Health is a highly recommended, high-quality dog food perfect for the needs of your Sheltie. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food promotes every day health by providing a balanced diet of nutrient-rich, wholesome foods. Wellness Complete Health supports a healthy body mass, improves digestion, and promotes healthier bones and joints.

  • Smaller kibble size promotes chewing and slower digestion.

  • Wellness Complete Health is an above-average dry dog food.

  • The product contains a higher percentage of carbohydrates than proteins.

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Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog Food

Made with 100% all natural ingredients, Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog Food provides your Sheltie with premium, high-protein food. Eagle Pack’s dog food formula promotes a healthy, balanced diet and offers the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates to meet your pooch’s dietary needs. Antioxidants, omega fatty acids and glucosamine all support a healthy immune system and coat.

  • No corn, wheat, meat by-products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives are used in this product.

  • Eagle Pack is rated an above-average dog food product.

  • Contains brewers years which can sometimes heighten any existing allergy problems.

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Canidae Life Stages Dry Dog Food

Canidae Life Stages Dry Dog Food promises to support your pooch through each stage of their life, from puppyhood right up to the senior stages. This grain-free and gluten-free dry dog food is a fantastic source of probiotics for healthy digestion and antioxidants for a healthy immune system. With higher levels of omega than any other chicken flavoured dog food product, your Sheltie will have a healthy skin and coat without the need of supplements. DoogfoodAdvisor rate Canidae an above-average dog food product.

  • Contains high-levels of glucosamine and chondroitin to support healthy bones and joints.

  • Contains Omega 6 and Omega 3 for beautiful skin and coat.

  • Canidae contains below-average protein when compared to other brands available.

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Evo Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Evo Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is an easily digestible, energy-dense dog food that will keep your Sheltie active all day long. High in protein and low in carbohydrates, Evo Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is fortified with vitamins and minerals to support your Sheltie’s immune system. Evo Grain-Free contains an above-average level of protein when compared to other dog food.

  • Easily digestible and contains natural ingredients.

  • DogFoodAdvisor rate Evo 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Tomatoes are listed as an ingredient; tomatoes in high doses can be toxic to your dog.

Dangers of miss-feeding

Every dog breed has their own individual dietary requirements that support their size, nutritional needs and any genetic conditions. Getting this wrong, or miss-feeding, can not only harm your pooch but can worsen conditions, behaviors, and cause sickness. You can recognize a good brand of dog food by the ingredients listed on the packet. It is generally recommended that foods containing corn, wheat, soy or any artificial preservatives should be avoided at all times. Your Sheltie will not receive the nutrition they need from these ingredients.

Shelties can quickly become overweight if not fed properly. It is recommended that Sheltie owners regularly assess their pooch’s weight and adjust their food portions accordingly. How often you feed your Sheltie will depend on their size, age, weight and lifestyle, with most owners only feeding their Sheltie once or twice a day. A little food goes a long way as they burn energy throughout the day and getting this wrong could see excessive weight gain in a short amount of time. Excessive weight gain can increase the risk of illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. These illnesses can shorten the life expectancy of your beloved Sheltie and can cause further complications to their health and activity.

Shelties have a much higher risk of developing a bladder cancer known as Transitional Cell Carcinoma compared to other breeds. Maintaining a healthy weight and actively supporting your Sheltie’s immune system can dramatically reduce this risk, keeping your pooch healthy and active for longer. The immune system needs a balanced, nutritious diet in order to work properly. Providing your Sheltie with lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is an excellent way of supporting the immune system. Vitamins A, C and E are important ingredients found in most dog foods that work to support your Sheltie’s immune system. Failing to do this can seriously increase the risk of bladder cancer and shorten the life of your pooch.

Benefits of a proper diet

Sheltie owners look for meat (or meat-by-products) as the first ingredient that should be listed on any dog food product. Meat provides lots of much need protein for your healthy, active Sheltie and matches your pooch’s specific nutritional requirements. Meat listed within the top five ingredients is recommended as a high quality product for your pooch as they are generally considered a higher-quality food. Your Sheltie will need a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Providing your Sheltie with a proper, balanced diet will keep them healthy and active for as long as possible, promote a healthy immune system and can reduce any health conditions that your Sheltie may have.

The food you feed your pooch can improve and reduce some of the illnesses that Shelties are prone to. One of these illnesses is hypothyroidism, a condition that effects how your Sheltie’s metabolism regulates. This insufficiency of the thyroid gland can cause problems such as dry skin, thin coats, excessive weight gain and an intolerance to cold. Following a strict schedule and being careful not to overfeed your Sheltie can reduce weight gain and there are specific ingredients and supplements that can also be given to support hypothyroidism. Making sure your Sheltie has lots of omega fatty acids in their dry dog food is an excellent way of supporting a healthier skin and coat. For foods without this vital ingredient, there are plenty of omega supplements available for your Sheltie that can improve their thinning coat and dry skin. Vitamins and minerals promote a healthy, working immune system that can fight off germs and viruses, especially those caused by colder weather. Through feeding your Sheltie a proper diet, or the correct supplements, it is possible to control hypothyroidism so that it does not limit your Sheltie in any way.

Additional Dietary Supplements for Shelties:

Pro-Sense Daily Multivitamin Chewable Tablets

Vitamins are an important way of preventing illnesses and promoting your Sheltie’s healthy development. Pro-Sense Daily Multivitamin Chewable Tablets are a veterinarian recommended source of vitamins and minerals that are vital to supporting your Sheltie’s immune system. With 90 tablets providing three months of supplements, Pro-Sense reduces the risk of illness, keeps fleas away and improves vitality. Puppy and senior options are also available.

Pro-Sense Skin and Coat Liquid

Suitable for all dogs, Pro-Sense Liquid is a proven daily supplement that supports a healthier coat and skin, reduces shedding and provides a silkier, shinier coat. The liquid formula makes this supplement an easy part of your Sheltie’s routine and can be easily fed orally or mixed with food. Pro-Sense Skin and Coat Liquid is rich in the fatty omega acids that are essential for your Sheltie’s skin and coat. When used alongside regular grooming, Pro-Sense Skin and Coat Liquid can reduce shedding and also provide vital antioxidants.

Trophy Prozyme Powder for Pets

Trophy Prozyme Powder for Pets is an all-natural enzyme supplement that supports your Sheltie’s skin and coat, increases energy levels, reduces shedding and gas, and promotes a healthy weight mass. This enzyme powder is an essential plant supplement that supports the digestion of fats, proteins, fibers and carbohydrates. Providing your Sheltie with greater nutrition, Trophy Prozyme Powder can be given to puppies, adults and seniors. The enzyme powder particular supports senior dogs who have a naturally lower enzyme level.

Cleo Boosta Chews All-in-one Complete Vitamins and Minerals

Cleo Boosta Chews is an all-in-one vitamins and minerals supplement suitable for small to medium sized dog breeds. The veterinarian tested chewable supplement tablets are proven to support your Sheltie’s overall general health, stamina and energy levels. The antioxidants and omega fatty acids included in these vitamins and mineral tablets improve skin and coat conditions, promote good digestion, lower cholesterol, and boosts liver functions. Cleo Boosta Chews are a recommended daily supplement for keeping your Sheltie happy, healthy and active for longer and uses a special formula making it suitable for dogs with allergies and sensitives. This product comes with approximately 200 little tablets and it is recommended that you give your Sheltie 1 per day as a treat.


  1. How much do Shelties Eat?
    Shelties actually eat very little and should be fed either once or twice a day.
  2. How many calories should I feed my Sheltie?
    This will depend on the activity, health and age of your Sheltie but is usually around 635 calories.
  3. How often should I feed my Sheltie?
    Shelties can be fed between one and two times a day depending on their needs.
  4. How can I tell if my Sheltie is the right weight?
    If your Sheltie is the correct weight, then you should be able to feel your Sheltie’s ribs quite easily when running your hands along their side. Ribs that are very prominent often mean that your dog is underweight, whilst ribs that are much harder to feel usually mean your dog is overweight. You should adjust their food portions accordingly and speak to your vet.
  5. When is the best time to feed my Sheltie?
    This depends on how many times you feed your Sheltie. If it is twice per day, then morning and night are the recommended times. Mid-day is the best time for Shelties who are fed once a day.
  6. How many dog treats should I give my Sheltie?
    You can give your Sheltie one treat a day, but you will need to take this into account of their daily food intake. A healthier alternative is to give your Sheltie baby carrots as they make an excellent, nutritious treat.
  7. Should I feed my Sheltie dry or wet food?
    Owners often prepare to feed their Sheltie’s dry food. You can also home-cook your Sheltie’s food with high-protein meals such as fish, poultry and other meats mixed with rice and vegetables.

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