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Beabull Dog Breed Information

General Information:

Height: 12-16 in
Weight: 30-50 lbs
Life Span: 10-13 yrs
Coloring: Typically bi-colored: white and varying shades of brown. Can also be tri-colored (white, brown, black)
Area of Origin: United Stages
Similar Breeds: Beagle, English Bulldog

History and Origin:

A result of crossing the Beagle with the English Bulldog, the Beabull was first bred in the United States as one of many popular “designer dog” breeds that have emerged over the past thirty years. The Beabull was originally bred to combine the best characteristics of both parent breeds; the Beagle’s elongated face and floppy ears, combined with the English Bulldogs powerful frame and short tail.  As it is not a pure breed, the Beabull is not recognized by clubs such as the American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, or Canadian Kennel Club.

Personality and Temperament:

Generally, the Beabull is a fairly calm and docile dog, preferring to lounge around the house than to be out and about. Affectionate, loyal, and patient, it can be a fantastic dog for children, and will be a happy playmate. The Beabull can have bursts of energy that may become destructive if not given the opportunity to burn it off, and can be quite stubborn and willful if not raised with calm confidence from its owner. The breed loves to play games of fetch and “play fight” with other dogs and their owners.  Be careful not to indulge aggressive play-fighting or strong biting as a puppy, this can lead to danger as they get older and more powerful.  While a delightful family companion, the strong willed nature of the Bulldog and independence of the Beagle make the Beabull ill-suited for the nervous or first-time owner.

Exercise & Training:

While generally laid-back, the Beabull does have instances of great energy, thanks to its Beagle blood. Daily walks with other activities will help keep the Beabull happy and healthy; while it can adjust to apartment living, a yard for it to play in may minimize potential indoor destructive behavior from a bored dog.  Playing games inside can also help the Beabull burn energy; fetch, chase, and “tug of war” with a sock or toy are some of their favorite indoor games.  The Beabull is not the most intelligent of breeds, nor is it particularly attentive to its owner, thus training can be a challenge. Enrollment in obedience classes in addition to firm leadership may help to overcome the Beabull’’s stubborn nature and encourage it to become the delightful companion it can be.


A smooth, short-haired mix-breed, the Beabull sheds quite heavily and requires daily brushing to remove dead hair and to keep the skin healthy. Bathe only when necessary to prevent the skin from drying out.

Similar Breeds:

As a mix between the Beagle and the English Bulldog, the Beabull possesses characteristics of both of its parent breeds. Physically, it is larger than the Beagle, but possesses a longer nose than the Bulldog. In addition to physical similarities, the Beabull typically inherits the stubbornness of the Bulldog and the independence of the Beagle.  Other similar cross breeds include the Cheagle (Beagle/Chihuahua), Puggle (Beagle/Pug), Bagel (Basset Hound/Beagle), and the Bully Basset (English Bulldog/Basset Hound).

Interesting Facts about the Beabull:

1. The Beabull is an exceptional jumper, unlike the grounded Bulldog.

2. The Beabull is recognized by a variety of hybrid breed clubs, such as the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, and the International Designer Canine Registry.

3.  The term Beabull is commonly used to refer to any mix of a Beagle and Bulldog.  It’s always a good idea to check with the breeder or shelter to see what percentage of each breed is present in the dog.

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Beabull Breed Information

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