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The Dog e Lites™ Guarantee

Créations HRD Design prides itself on the superior design, quality and meticulous workmanship in all of its’ Dog-e-Lites™ accessories. We use the most up-to-date LED technologies to create a robust product for you and your pet, and confidently boast the best results on the market. With normal supervised use, these lighted beauties should provide you and your pet with countless hours of safety and enjoyment. Dog-e-Lites™ and Kit e Lites™ are durable but not indestructible. Rigorously tested, the electronic components in our collars, leashes and harnesses have proven to be water and weather resistant however should not be submerged under water. Even if submerged or otherwise abused, they are completely safe and harmless to you and your pet.

Our small and medium sized accessories have been buckle tested for 150+ pounds of direct pull. Similarly, our large and extra-large sized accessories have been tested for 200+ pounds of direct pull.

As with any product using electronic components, defects do occasionally occur. As any product defect should be normally be evident within the first few days of use, and our return or exchange policy in the case of product defects is a maximum thirty (30) days with receipt. Although we are confident that you and your pet will enjoy many happy and safe hours with your Dog e Lites™ product, severe stresses such as chewing (even in the portion without lights, since internal wiring extends the length of the product), crushing, ripping, extreme bending etc, can destroy the structure and/or electronic components and the result cannot be considered a product defect. This product is not a toy and should never be used without human adult supervision.

Some of our nylon Dog e Lites™ accessories come with a reflective strip for added visibility. This strip has the longest life of any similar reflective pet product; however please note that all such strips will eventually peel off over time with consistent use. The remaining Flashing LED accessory will continue to be beautiful and effective even once the strip is gone.

Average battery life can range from thirty (30) to sixty (60) hours depending on the quality of the battery. Weak or dead batteries are normally the cause of dim or stopped lights. Simply pop in fresh batteries and watch your Dog e Lites™ pet accessory flash and glow like new! Need help? Please see Instructions & Technical Assistance.

If you have reviewed the Instructions & Technical Assistance page and feel that your Dog e Lites™ product is defective within the guarantee period, please contact us at with a detailed description of the problem. We will try to help you fix the problem or provide an address to which you may return the product for exchange. If you purchased your Dog e Lites™ accessory through an authorized Dog e Lites™ retailer, you may exchange it with that retailer according to their store policy or directly with Dog e Lites™ as per above. Dog e Lites™ reserves the right to refuse any exchange request that evidence of misuse.

CAUTION: This fashion product is intended to assist the owner in managing his animal and should not be used to replace responsible human supervision. Dog e Lites™ assumes no responsibility for loss, escape or injury while its product is in use.