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Welcome to!

A Whole New Concept in Safety and Fashion LED’s for dogs and cats!

We understand. That’s why Dog e Lites™ & Kit e Lites™ has created the most complete and original new generation Flashing LED designs for dogs and cats anywhere!

Be Seen and Be Safe!

High intensity LED’s boast night visibility of up to 300 meters. Dog e Lites™ and Kit e Lites™ Flashing LED Safety Lights are the ideal way to keep your pet SAFE from cars and EASY to find in the dark! 100% safe for you and your pet, rain or shine. Dog e Lites™ are the very best chance to save your pet’s life! It’s that simple.

Make sure your pet is always safe in the dark. Keep some Spare Batteries handy.

Say Fashion & Style with a gorgeous new Dog e Lites™ design!

You and your pet deserve SAFETY AND BEAUTY. No more clunky plastic collars or tacky dangling lights. All Dog e Lites™ accessories are finely crafted, lightweight, sleek and adjustable. A lovely accessory made with care and flair!

Dog e Lites™ Collections:

  • Lighted Pet Clothing

  • Jacquard Collection

  • Kit e Lites™ Collection

  • Loss Prevention Collection

  • Sports LED Reflective Collection

  • Rhinestone & Leather Collection

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    Dog e Lites™ and Kit e Lites™…. Where Safety and Fashion Unite!